About Ayasha Sydelle

Professional Makeup Artist Ayasha Sydelle became fascinated with makeup at an early age. She would often watch her mom put on makeup before leaving home for a night out on the town, which sparked an undying love for beauty. Ayasha quickly became the go to person for makeup among her family and peers. Focused on her own desire to be fabulous she developed her craft and began to play with different techniques on highlighting her own distinctive features. Once Ayasha realized her talent she craved more that's when the journey really began. She became infatuated with making women beautiful by the simple process of just enhancing what is already there. After years of perfecting her talent Ayasha was determined to take her love for makeup to the next level. Ayasha decided to be groomed and mentored by the renowned "Angie G Ford" which led to her graduating with honors from Hollywood Expressions also known as HEX Makeup School. After being exposed to that level of education Ayasha began to dream bigger. The desire to have her own cosmetic line that featured vibrant colors and rich textures became all she could think about. The road to development was underway. Now after years of trial an error it's finally here The cosmetic line SLAyDE was founded in 2012. SLAyDE cosmetic palettes are color organized making color finding and comparison much easier.  Portable and convenient to use SLAyDE cosmetic palettes give a complete look to the eyes, cheeks and face for any occasion and for women of every shade.     SLAyDE cosmetics provides you with an amazing color payoff, supplies trend-setting high quality products formulated with the most sensitive skin in mind. All products are hypoallergenic, easy to wear, and virtually waterproof.  SLAyDE is committed to providing exciting twists to boring colors that are offered in today's market. SLAyDE's colors were created for the trendy diva that dares to be different. The color textures are bold and vibrant sure to capture anyone's attention.  It's time to embrace your imagination and Start Looking At Yourself Differently Everyday welcome to "SLAyDE Cosmetics"! New products and colors are added daily so be sure to become a member and visit the site often for the most up-to-date color selections.